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MXF Software Developers Kit

The MXF::SDK offers flexible support of Descriptive Metadata, and implements a number of different Essence types including DV DIF, SDTI-CP D10, MPEG and BWF. It has been developed using C++, and is ideally suited to serve as a basis for the implementation of applications on different platforms, including Windows and Linux. Depending on customer demand, the MXF::SDK may also be made available for platforms such as Apple Inc.'s, which uses a different byte order than IBM PCs. You can download detailed information about the MXF::SDK as a PDF file.

IRT is using the SDK as the basis for the development of tools to analyze MXF files and to generate reference files and other test files.

The MXF::SDK is available for licensing in binary and source code form, either for generating commercial products or for in-house use.

Please contact directly our development and distribution partner MOG Solutions for further details about the SDK, licensing and support or for a cost free demo version of the MXF::SDK.