The MXF Analyser is based on the MXF::SDK developed by IRT and MOG Solutions. The full version of the analyser is being implemented to support in-depth analysis of the

  • KLV layer

  • Partition multiplex

  • Metadata (decoding and analysis)

  • Index Tables

  • Essence Containers and their payload

The total structure of the MXF file (including the contents of the Header Metadata for each partition) is exported as an instance of the XML Schema and can be further validated using XML tools.

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Important information for our costumers

The IRT management has decided to stop any further commercial product activities for economical reasons. That means from now the IRT will not offer any longer the MXF Analyser.

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For maintenance reasons the download of the MXF Analyser software is not possible at the moment.

We kindly ask our customers to contact our Marketing&Sales team to get advice how to download the software.


MXF Analyser - Applications

IRT presents the MXF Analyser (see product sheet) as a tool for thorough analysis and validation of MXF-files, and for easy integration of MXF analysis and validation into IT-based systems.

See further details of the MXF Analyser.

The MXF Analyser is well suited to support operational validation of MXF-files in production facilities. Due to the controllable depth of analysis and its flexibility, the MXF Analyser can also be used to develop MXF-file analysis applications for engineering or laboratory use.


Details on the MXF Analyser - Version 4

  • Stand-alone applications - including a graphical user interface (click on the image to see more screenshots) as well as command-line applications.

    The Container Tab hosts a quick overview of the most important values of the analysed MXF file, including Operational Pattern, Material Package(s), Source Package(s) and the TrafficLight.

    In the Plain View and the Grouped View Tab,all messages found by IRTs MXF Analyser Pro are reported. While the Plain View gives a simple list, the Grouped View will rearrange all messages with the same ID under one main entry.

    The Textual View Tab will hold a representation of all KLV elements found in the file by the MXF Analyser.


  • Target value validation by using Application Specifications. Specify your own validation rules for specific user requirements and MXF profiles, like RDD-9, AS-11, AS-10 and ARD-ZDF MXF Profiles.
    You can download specific Application Specifications here.


  • MXF File and MXF Stream Analyser (DLL)
    By using the MXF Stream Analyser the analysis of growing files is supported.


  • Workplace and Floating licences are supported.
    For using a Floating license you need to install our Floating License Server additonally. Please note that the Floating License Server is not available as trail.


  • Available as 64 bit and 32 bit version.


  • WebService - to integrate perfectly into your Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

    WebService schema

    With the WebService, you can integrate MXF analyses easily into an existing or to be designed Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). For example, you can let your content-management-system request an MXF analysis for any file that it processes (e.g. for PlayOut, Archive...).
    This system is very flexible and can be expanded with WebServices from other manufacturers

    The WebService comes with a WatchFolder application that will constantly monitor a user-defined folder for new or changed MXF files. If a new or changed file is detected, an analysis is requested automatically through the other WebService components.
    The results of all analyses will be displayed on a simple HTML page, viewable with all Browsers. Detailed analysis results are available as well.


  • DLL
    For integration in your environment and own applications, the package also includes a Dynamic Library.

  • .NET API
    For integration in your environment and own applications, the package also includes a .NET API

  • The package contains also a demo application for Microsoft Visual Studio 2012. If you plan to use the DLL or the .NET API, please have a look at the documentation (see links on the right).


MXF Analyser 4.8