MXF Testing Services

Tests free of charge

  • File Self Tests

    You can download our MXF Analyser software and request a 7-day trial license.

  • Decoder Self Tests

    You can download different MXF test files in order to test if your MXF decoder.


MXF File Analysis & Certification (based on a contract)

Are you looking for a way to ensure that your MXF files are conform to the MXF profiles of the public German broadcasters of ARD, ZDF, ORF and ARTE? We have the solution for you! Just send us your files, and we analyse their conformity for you. Validated files earn an according IRT-certificate. Detailed information can be found here.


Tests on request (based on a contract)

In the frame of MXF file testing, IRT carries out extensive testing, applying its MXF Analyser software and other tools. This includes in-depth analyzing of the KLV layer, the partition multiplex, the metadata (structural and descriptive), Index Tables and Essence Containers of the MXF files.


Workshops and Plug-Fests

IRT has carried out implementation and interoperability tests in cooperation with user user-driven organisations such as the EBU. IRT offers the technical capabilities and infrastructure for such tests.