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Categories of MXF Tests

The tests conducted within the MXF Test Center can classified into three complementary categories.

The following picture illustrates the interfaces and components, which need to be considered when testing an MXF product, which can be used in exchange, production or archival of Content.

IRTs MXF Test Categories

  • Encoder tests

    IRT's MXF analysis tools carefully examine MXF files, which have been generated by MXF encoders. The result of the analysis consists of information about errors and warnings as well as an XML Schema instance of the MXF file containing a detailed listing of its content including error messages, warnings and, if deducible, corrected values.

  • Decoder tests

    Based on experience from previous format tests, IRT expects that complete and robust of MXF decoder implementations will be essential to achieve interoperability of MXF products. IRT will therefore give special attention to determine the robust and standard compliant implementation of MXF decoders with respect to "golden", "pathological" and other test files.

  • Product tests

    Complete tests of products implementing MXF will comprise encoder and decoder tests and additional tests to determine performance and other parameters such as:

    • Compression system implementation

    • Audio-video delay

    • Audio transparency

    • Time code implementation

    • Encoding and temporal relationship of Descriptive Metadata