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2014 IRT MXF Interoperability PlugFest

From November 12th-13th 2014 IRT has conducted the 9th annual MXF Interoperability PlugFest. During this period, manufacturers of MXF equipment were invited to the IRT and exchange MXF files generated by their products with all other participating companies equipment. Additionally the ARD/ZDF MXF Profile specifications has been included for the first time. The participants were requested to generate MXF files regarding these profile specifications.

Here you can download the results as an Executive Management Report.

Vendor Product(s)
Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014.1
Arvato Systems S4M VPMS 8.5
Avid MediaDirector-MediaComposer 1.1, InterplayTransfer-MediaComposer 3.1, MediaComposer-AMA 8.2, MediaDirector-ProTools 1.1, ProTools-Neyrinck 11.2.1
Dalet AmberFin 10.4.103, Brio 171991
EVS OpenCubeHD 2.9.1, OpenCubeXFReader 2.7.0, XT3-Multicam- XSQUARE-Suite 3.2.12, XVIEWER 3.2.7
Grass Valley K2 9.4, Edius 7.4
Harmonic Spectrum Server 7.7
Imagine Communications Nexio 8.0
KBS GmbH MXF Toolkit 1.3
Merging Technologies V-Cube
MOG Solutions MxfSpeedrail 2.17.3
Quantel SQEdit 5.3 rev. 14P1
Rohde&Schwarz DVS Venice 3.2
Sony PMW-1000 1.2.1, PMW-300 1.3.0