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2013 IRT MXF Interoperability PlugFest

From November 6th to November 7th IRT has conducted the 8th annual MXF Interoperability PlugFest. During this period, manufacturers of MXF equipment were invited to the IRT and exchange MXF files generated by their products with all other participating companies equipment.

Here you can download the results as an Executive Management Report.

Vendor Product(s)
Adobe Premiere Pro 7.1.0
AmberFin Limited iCR 9.4.2
Avid AirSpeed5000 2.6, Media Composer 7.02, MPI 4.3.0
DAVID MCL Player 1.0.135
EVS/OpenCube Server 12.20.14, MxfTk 2.6, OpenCubeHD 2.8, XFReader 2.6
Fairlight Pyxir 4.2, Xynergi 4.1
Grass Valley K2 9.1, Edius 7.2
Hamburg Pro Media/Apple MXF4Mac GC Export FCP 1.6, MXF4Mac ImEx Suite 2.1
Harmonic MIP-7600 7.3
Harris Nexio Server 7.0
IBM Arema 2.5.16
Marquise MIST 3.2.2
Merging Technologies Vcube 4.1.x, WRAP
Quantel SQEdit 5.3
Rohde&Schwarz/DVS Venice Server
Sony PMW-1000 1.04
Telestream Vantage Transcode Pro, Pipeline Quad 2.6.2, Pipeline HD Dual 2.6.2