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IRT / SMPTE Workshop on Metadata

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IRT/SMPTE Workshop

Metadata Exchange

Using MXF Structural Metadata and DMS-1

IRT, Munich, February 3rd - 4th, 2004

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The Structural Metadata of the MXF file format, which has been standardised by SMPTE, contains the technical parameters of the stored material, defines how the material is played out, and provides a plug-in mechanism for Descriptive Metadata.

At the SMPTE meetings in December 2003, the specification for the MXF Descriptive Metadata Scheme - 1 (DMS-1) has advanced to Final Committee Draft (FCD) status. This means that the specification of this Descriptive Metadata plug-in is technically stable, and that publication as final standard can be expected by the middle of 2004.

In combination with the MXF Structural Metadata, the 3 Frameworks of the DMS-1 plug-in allow to encode and to interchange Descriptive Metadata, and to express the relationship of the descriptions to particular tracks and temporal segments of the material. Each of the Frameworks addresses a particular aspect of the description, namely, production related Metadata, Metadata related to the capture and creation of the material, and Metadata which describes the contents of individual scenes of the material.

In cooperation with the German section of SMPTE, the IRT organized a 2-day workshop combining users and technical experts. The workshop took place on February 3rd - 4th 2004 at IRT in Munich.

The goals of this workshop were

  • To explain the concepts of the SMPTE Metadata dictionaries, MXF Structural Metadata and the DMS-1 plug-in
  • To investigate and to present how Metadata currently used in production, news exchange and archive applications can be encoded and exchanged using DMS-1 and MXF
  • To develop guidelines how DMS-1 can be applied to satisfy the user requirements for specific applications in production interchange, news interchange and archive.

A further objective of the workshop was to guide manufacturers with respect to the implementation of MXF and DMS-1 and to formulate requirements for SMPTE with respect to further development of MXF and DMS-1.


The workshop consisted of the following eight sessions:

  1. PDF Overview of SMPTE Metadata Standards and Registries, MXF Structural Metadata and the plug-in mechanism for Descriptive Metadata
    Jim Wilkinson, Sony BPRL, Pro-MPEG File Interchange group chairman
  2. PDF Detailed overview of DMS-1 and use of DMS-1 and MXF Structural Metadata inside and outside of MXF files
    Mike Cox, Mirador Techniques, SMPTE W25 technology committee chairman
  3. Open Session - Feedback, questions and comments on the technology
    Ingo Höntsch, IRT
  4. Initial response to the feedback, questions and comments on the technology
    Mike Cox and Jim Wilkinson
  5. PDF Metadata requirements for EBU news and programme exchange
    Hans Hoffmann, EBU, SMPTE Engineering Director Television
  6. Mapping broadcasters data models to MXF and DMS-1
    1. PDF ARD/ZDF Regelwerk Fernsehproduktion (production data model)
      Andreas Ebner, IRT
    2. PDF DR data model
      Brigitte Stannius, Danish Broadcasting Corporation
    3. PDF YLE data model presentation
      PDF YLE data model
      Harri Virtala, YLE
    4. Summary of requirements, discussion of mappings
      Ingo Höntsch, IRT
  7. PDF Podium Discussion - Guidelines how to use and implement MXF Structural Metadata and DMS-1
    Reinhard Knör, IRT, Peter König, T-Systems and Dr. Peter Thomas, Tecmath
  8. PDF Open Session - Summary and Requirements for future Metadata and DMS work of SMPTE
    Hans Hoffmann, EBU, SMPTE Engineering Director Television